Detox Your Body & Mind

Heal your body from disease & illness, lose weight, increase chances of fertility, reduce acidity, and so much more, with a personalised detoxification program suited to you. Your body knows how to heal itself and is always active with productive healing mechanisms for increased longevity. Unfortunately, with accumulated toxins, the natural healing process can only do so much to keep your body functioning. With a graduated fasting program and natural therapies, you can support your body to get rid of the toxins naturally & cleanse your body so it can return to a natural healing state. Click on the links below to learn about all the diseases that have been healed through this effective program.

Psychotherapy for Healing

Psychotherapy sessions include personal development and life coaching techniques that increase mindfulness to increase happiness and satisfaction.  Psychotherapy is part of our complete Natural Therapy system which focuses on giving the body support to DETOX and heal physical illness and disease.

If you are stuck in emotional and mental patterns they may be linked to CORE BELIEFS from your family patterns or past experiences. If you are suffering from negative thinking your body will be suffering too. Choose any of the following packages to heal yourself, expand your life to new opportunities and leap over those hurdles that have been stopping you from achieving your goals.

Spiritual Healing

Spirituality will start to call you when it’s time to travel down a deeper path. You’ll feel it inside. I’ve been on a deep Inner Journey since 1985 and have explored many areas of Spiritual Development. If you’re new to the path and would like to explore your spirituality choose one of the coaching packages such as Expanding Consciousness, Reiki or Meditation or get in contact with me via the contact form and tell me what’s going on for you. You may fit into an entirely different and unique coaching experience.

Video Testimonials

 FEEL INSPIRED! You may not know me personally so I’ve put together some video testimonials so you get a feel for what it’s like working with me for Expanding Consciousness Coaching & Workshops, Reiki Training, Positivity Coaching or Laughter Yoga in the Workplace. All are my passions…so I’m upbeat and informative in all of them. See what these beautiful people say about working with me….

So, you’re pretty keen now, eh? Those videos are really great… and I hope they gave you a deeper understanding about me and my passions. If you’d like to read more about me click here for the ABOUT ME page.

OR, if you’ve got some questions and are ready to BOOK A SESSION please click the link to CONNECT WITH WYLD. 

Personal Development and Positivity Books

The books below are linked to a PDF file for you to download directly to your computer. They are more affordable than purchasing the hard copies. However, if you’re like me and prefer to read a book in your hand, you can purchase the hard copies from Amazon (follow the links on the individual BOOK pages).

Healing the Planet from Within

Healing the Planet from Within is a personal development book that is an ideal life coaching companion which offers a method for self-examination with strategies for becoming successful in life.

Learn more about this exciting INNERWORK book.


Get Jiggity with Positivity

Get Jiggity with Positivity is an inspirational personal development book that will excite and motivate you to energise your life and business with dynamic positivity injections.

Learn more….

A personal development workbook to explore your life. An ideal Life Coaching companion.

Ultimate Personal Development Workbook

The Ultimate Personal Development Workbook is an ideal tool for consciously steering your life in the direction you want it to go. Inside you’ll discover personal development worksheets to explore and learn more about you and your patterns. A great Life Coaching companion.

Learn more…

Positivity for Better Living

Imagine what your life could be like with higher levels of energy, increased confidence and motivation, amazing insights and clarity, increased health and well-being, deep happiness and satisfaction and more!

Energise your life with this energising book…..Learn more…

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