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Carmen Wyld is dedicated to and follows a spiritual path inspired by Meher Baba, Shirdi Baba and Ascended Masters Sunat Kumara and Serapis Bey. Carmen holds a BSocSc Counselling Psychology, Dip. Professional Counselling, Masters of Education. She has delved in Personal Development for over 20 years, been in Spiritual Development all her life, has 5 self-published books in the areas of Positivity and Personal Development. She is also a Reiki Trainer, Laughter Yoga Leader, Hidden Yogi and is highly intuitive as an Empath.

As a young girl I would sit silently in nature and shift into trance states of heightened awareness. The inner voice gave me insights, information with a deep sense of peace, love and joy. I thought it was normal at the time.


In my mid-twenties I continued to channel information from my higher self in the form of poems. They always went “deep” with insight – something words can’t describe. I dedicated my life to seeking more about this inner world. I remember someone recommending the Celestine Prophecy book in 1996 and that gave me proof that, yes, I was creating my reality with my thoughts. I tested this theory out the week I had my hands on it.


Throughout my University degree I learnt of counselling and psychology theories that fascinated me, and from this I started studying my own thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. These thoughts were not mine, nor did they come from me. Where did thoughts come from then? And why were they allowed to affect my life?


Soon after I became aware of a matrix of social constructs that each person forms throughout childhood and past experiences. This matrix, or Personal Template, affects us so extremely that it controls how we react to situations, how we feel, whether we succeed or fail at business, our health, and… everything in life. Then I started seeking answers of how to unravel this personal template so I could consciously create my life as I desired. I didn’t want to be a slave to this box any more.


I increased awareness of the present moment to observe the thoughts, attitudes, and my reactions and feelings. This wasn’t easy – as some things a person just doesn’t want to see (as per the “rules of the box” is to continue being a slave to the dictations).


Yet, as it does, a myriad of information came flooding into my reality in the way of meeting new people with knowledge of how to change “things” in the box. I had my energetic vibration aligned to manifest these. This included channelled entities, books and even a very personal practical experience of witnessing myself transform a sabotaging core belief and how changing it (the core belief) healed my physical body.


Aha! Light Bulb moment. YES, indeed it is worthwhile going through the uncomfortable feelings to expand consciousness.


Not surprisingly the next stage of my evolution was introduced to me in the form of emotions and feelings. Flicking thoughts from positive to negative and then from negative to positive changed how I felt in my body. This then expanded to awareness of the 10+1 forms of positivity and, with it, tonnes of scientific evidence that proved the health and well-being benefits of activating positivity daily. WOW. What a delight to get active with that new playground! Of course this deepened the message from my “poem” in 1997:


Reach inside, not outside. Reach inside, trust your feelings, follow that instinct. Reach inside, ask your higher self – you know you’ll get true, honest and caring answers.

 Feel your soul every day as you move in your different daily tasks. Talk more to yourself, wait for an answer, trust your instinct, intuition – your feelings.

 It will become easier as the days go by. You’ll be learning to walk with your whole self – your higher self.

 Open up your path of light, it will come quickly now. Everything will fall into place within you and you will feel the light and understand the Universe.

 It will be good. Take one step at a time. I can see/feel you moving too fast, you can only start from where you are.

 Trust your feelings inside, feel the love of the purest white light, reach inside – heal yourself from within.

Carmen Wyld 1997


As the energy vibrations within this physical vehicle heightened I was introduced to new spirit guides, different styles of meditation, energy exercises, ancient Indigneous knowledge, mudras and the practice of astral travel.


I continue on this journey expanding my own consciousness in the mundane world as it excites and fascinates.

Wyld Woman Coaching is an initiative of the Positivity for Better Living Foundation under the New Humanity Collaborative Communities. Our focus and dedication is to offer Personal Development resources and techniques to help people positively change their lives and be empowered in their living. This is a Private Foundation, not-for-profit, tax-exempt, non-government organisation, community service organisation. The Foundation is based in Queensland, Australia.

The purpose of the New Humanity Collaborative Communities is to foster and support humanity through the maintenance of the ‘Sui Generis Suveran Sentient Rights’ of humankind under the New Humanity Collaborative Communities. Inspired by the Spiritual Master and Avatar, Meher Baba. To support humanity, the socially and environmentally sustainable self sufficiency for humankind, the spiritual advancement, learning and regeneration of humankind, the advancement of true healing for humankind, and all life on mother Earth.

We also support the Wiruungga Foundation delivering second hand clothing to remote Aboriginal communities around Australia.

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