Founded by Dr. Kataria in India, Laughter Yoga has been proven to have many health and well-being benefits activating JOY and AMUSEMENT – forms of POSITIVITY.

Hi! I’m a qualified Laughter Yoga Leader. I attended a certified Laughter Yoga Workshop certified by Dr. Kataria and the Laughter Yoga University a few years ago and have had oodles of experiences in applying the techniques to my own life as well as in groups.

It’s a real serious profession being a Laughter Yoga Leader. You know how LAUGHTER IS CONTAGIOUS right? Well, the concepts and philosopy of laughter yoga is fast spreading throughout the world.

In these 75-MINUTE SESSIONS we start with practical warm-up exercises to get the Giggles rolling. We cover the history of Laughter Yoga, health and well-being benefits of laughter and INCREASING POSITIVITY, safety aspects, how to laugh for no reason, laughter boosting techniques, and even how to bring laughter into your daily life.

Laughter Yoga can help to:

  • address workplace stress
  • build stronger teams
  • create resilient communities
  • add a fun and effective coping technique to life’s well-being toolkit.

Releases Tension

Laughter and Positivity releases muscle tension and relaxes the body – improving the immune system.


Young at Heart

Laughter and humour has long been considered helpful to the healing process and keeping one young at heart.


Cultivates Optimism

Laughter uplifts your moods and broadens the mind to being optimistic.


Reduces Stress

Within 2 minutes of a good belly laugh endorphins are released giving you that feel-good vibe – which also has pain-relieving abilities.


Increases Teamwork

Everyone knows how easy it is to work with someone upbeat and positive.


Broadens the Mind

Activating positivity has been proven to broaden the mind to new ideas and possibilities. Laughter Yoga increases JOY and AMUSEMENT.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Carmen equips her clients with wonderful tools to help them become more positive. She covers ways to recognize and acknowledge those negative thoughts and instead develop a more positive outlook. As a negative person, I can attest that these tools are helping me change my outlook. Yay!”

Mary Lewis

“WOW!! I didn’t know there were so many different forms of positivity.  As a business owner and leader, there are various aspects I will even share with my team. This course will help anyone who has dealt with negative self-talk and even negative people in their circle!! An OUTSTANDING course for anyone who wants to learn about authentically being positive and the affect it can have your life to include personal relationship, health and even your job.”

Taffy Wagner

“The thing about Carmen…her energy, just being around her, improves you… the energy makes you feel better and helps you see in perspective.”

Emanuelle, Entrepreneur, Australia

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