Feel the Juicy Goodness of Living a Mindful Life!

Mastering Mindfulness is the key to creating a life you love!


Increase Your Happiness Vibes

Connect with your greater vitality, creativity and infinite possibilities.


Feel Inner Peace & Happiness

Explore your inner stillness and learn to heal.


Live a Life You Love!

Be mindful of the energy vibes you’re creating and change them to create a life you love.

Mindfulness Coaching is an amazing personal development and life changing tool.

In a state of Mindfulness is the place of JUICY GOODNESS in life. This is a place of mind where you feel completely at ease, peaceful, satisfied and happy in life. The more you cultivate mindfulness the more goodness you feel.

Mindfulness is also a great place to receive guidance and wisdom from your higher self. The amazing insights you receive in this state of mindfulness guides you in creating a life you love.

In this Mindfulness Coaching Program you will learn techniques to apply mindfulness to:

  • Getting to know yourself better.
  • To bring a sense of clarity and focus to your daily routine.
  • Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn to de-stress and be present in everyday life,
  • Develop your intuitive sense to guide you every day.

What you will receive:

#1 – Four one hour phone or skype sessions, each one at least 1 week apart.

#2 – PDF workbook with four power mindfulness techniques to practice during the duration of the personal development mindfulness coaching program.

#3 – A weekly diary PDF to keep you accountable during the program.

After you make purchase you will receive an email with your downloads and within 24 hours I will contact you directly via email to set up our appointment times.

Please read the Coaching Agreement and Privacy Policy before you make your purchase. When you make your purchase you have stated that you agree and understand the Coaching Agreement and Privacy Policy.

What Our Personal Development Coaching Customers Are Saying

Testimonials really help you get a good feeling if this personal development coaching is right for you. I’ve worked with some amaing women around the world who really loved my coaching style. There are more testimonials on the home page too.

As soon as I had my first session with Carmen I immediately felt a shift of old negative patterns, this created a sense of balance and peacefulness within myself.

Melanie, Queensland

She has this infectious love and energy around her that you can’t help but be energised… it just changes your life being around her… she’s changed my life so many ways…it’s amazing…thank you Carmen… I really appreciate it.

Julie, Queensland

Carmen equips her clients with wonderful tools to help them become more positive. She covers ways to recognize and acknowledge those negative thoughts and instead develop a more positive outlook. As a negative person, I can attest that these tools are helping me change my outlook. Yay!

Mary Lewis

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a session?

Please use the CONTACT FORM to BOOK YOUR Personal Development Package or Individual Session. This way I can clarify any queries you might have and ensure availability for a flowing process.

Please read the Coaching Agreement and Privacy Policy before you make your booking. When you make your booking you have stated that you agree and understand the Coaching Agreement and Privacy Policy.

What is included in each package?


  • 4 one hour sessions to be conducted over 4 weeks (1 month program)
  • a WORKBOOK PDF designed with personal development techniques for each week
  • a welcome sheet
  • a weekly diary to keep you accountable
  • conscious creation worksheet

Who can book a session?

Personal Development Coaching is for women in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom or USA.

Sessions are for women only but men are considered if referred by a previous client.

How much do the packages cost?

There are 4 Sessions in each Personal Development Package. One session per week = 4 week program for only $360/package. Individual sessions are also available for $120. Prices are in Australian Currency AUS

How do you conduct the sessions?

Sessions are conducted via Phone, Skype or in person (if you are on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia).

What are your office hours?

Office Hours are Tuesday-Thursday 9am-5pm AEST. We may check emails during other days. Session times are flexible according to your timezone and my availability.

Eager to Get Peace and Happiness Active in Your Life?

If you’re eager to BOOK a session or would love more information about my style of INNERWORK I’d love to hear from you. Connecting with higher conscious women is absolutely juicy goodness, so please do send me an email!

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