How to Achieve Inner Happiness. Everyone around the world wants to be happy. If you ask someone, “What do you want in life?”, they’ll say things like “A new car”, “A better job”, “A relationship”.

But then you ask them… “Why do you want that?” And the answer, deep down inside, is always,

“I want to be happy”

…. and that’s lucky… because to be happy is an easy thing to do….

You see, feelings are generated within your beingness. They don’t come from outside.

Let me explain. I see this every day.

Imagine for a moment there are two people standing on the beach watching the sunrise. One feels great and says with bliss, “Isn’t this great!”. The other friend has been ruminating in their mind about all their misery and complains about the cold wind, “It’s too cold.”

How you feel comes from your perspective – from your thoughts.

Everyone is unique and has a different way of thinking and feeling about certain situations.

I remember a blissful moment I was sharing with a friend on a mountain top. We were camping in the bush and it was absolute paradise. But when I spoke with my friend about it a few weeks later her response was one of horror – they’d never go back there again. I was gobsmacked at how different our feelings were in the exact same moment.

Hence, it’s your CHOICE in the moment to feel happy – or to generate negativity.

There are a few important personal development techniques that you can put in place every day to activate positivity.

Step 1: Know Thyself. As I was saying to a friend this morning I like to describe this as “How to make a cake in a dark cave.” Let’s say you’re in a cave – there’s no light – no cracks for light – no matches (that you can see). It’s pitch black. YET, you have all the ingredients (Personal Template of social constructs) placed before you to make a cake (your life). Now imagine trying to make the cake. Where’s the flour? How do you measure the flour? Can you find the bowl? Then there’s the sugar, vanilla essence, oil, etc.

Oh, what a mess you’d make in the dark! Would it even be possible to do? So, what do you need? LIGHT! Turn on the light to SEE the ingredients. Become aware of the Personal Template of social constructs that creates your reality. KNOW THYSELF. Then, and only then can you make your cake – create a life you love! Achieve inner happiness.

Step 2: Watch the Monkey Mind. Oh yes, you’ve got a crazy monkey mind! It’s rambles on this topic, and then the next. All the while generating energetic vibrations out in the world that magnetises things to you. You’re letting a MONKEY create your life!

STEP UP and be the courageous circus trainer! STOP it in it’s tracks if it’s steering your life in a direction you don’t like. And, put it back on track so you generate positive vibes. Think positive thoughts, feel positive energies in your body.

Step 3. Laugh for No Reason. In Laughter Yoga circles they say that you don’t need a reason to laugh. You can choose to laugh at any time throughout the day – without reason. What this does is break the mind numbing zombie of social constructs (that broken record that keeps repeating) and increases your awareness and lucidity in the moment. Also, if you laugh for 10 minutes straight it has huge health benefits, and also achieves inner happiness. (See

Step 4. Seek What Fascinates You. Oh the joys of seeking fascination around every corner! A few years ago, and for a few years, I had a mantra (saying) hanging on my wall that said, “Life is Always Fascinating and Joyful”. This is when I had the awesome experience of fascination and how it really opens up your mind to possibilities. I teach people personal development techniques of how to activate positivity in my Positivity Coaching Package... so check that out too. And share it within someone you know. 🙂

Step 5: Meditate. Yes, meditation is one of those really easy things you can do to feel happy. All you gotta do is sit there, and it works miracles. Sure, there’s a few things you add to the sitting that make it an uplifting experience. I mean if you were to sit – and ruminate about all the bad things in your life – well, that would just be letting that monkey run away with your mind again. So, as you sit to meditate to increase happiness first think about someone you love and feel that loving vibration grow within your heart center. Sit with that loving feeling for a few minutes. As you do this, remember to smile. Would you believe that people actually frown when they meditate? It totally keeps the stress in body when you do that, so SMILE SMILE SMILE! As the love feeling grows let it surround your entire body and let yourself feel loved. That’s a YUMMY HAPPY FEELING.

So, how do you achieve inner happiness? Well, I’m sure you’ve got some great ideas now!

It’s so easy to generate happiness. Remember, that it comes from inside you.

If you wish to work on this more deeply please get in contact with me about my POSITIVITY COACHING PACKAGE or the MINDFULNESS COACHING PACKAGE.






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