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11:11 Laugh Out Loud

I've created this ridiculously fun daily challenge for myself and I'd like you to join me. Every time you see DOUBLE DIGITS either on the clock, computer, car radio, etc... you LAUGH OUT LOUD (LOL). This awesome personal development tool has been part of my Lucidity...

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Have to, Must and Should

Have to, Must and Should. These words are not good for you. I encourage you to toss them out of your vocabulary and life. These words do not pay attention to your feelings. They are direct, harsh and critical of what you feel is right in the moment. When you feel you...

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Lucidity Walk

As I progress through the practice of Astral Travel I realise it is DEEP PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & Spiritual Development. The word "Lucidity" means: intellectual clarity, brightness, luminosity and in relation to dreamwork it is to have awareness that you're...

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Online Life Coaching for Women Packages

Dive into these online Life Coaching for Women packages. Develop the power to use amazing personal development techniques to steer your life in a direction you want it to go, and live a life you love! Choose from three different personal development coaching packages:...

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What is Personal Development?

What is personal development? Personal Development is the process of changing your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and habits to create a life you love. Personal Template for Living Throughout your childhood and past experiences you receive information from...

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My Daily Positivity Routine with POP

Positivity has been a life changer for me. I have used the Power of Positivity (POP) to magnetise what I desire in life, to uplift my personal vibes and transform those dumpy down times into a fascinating innerworld adventure. I'm not very good at keeping any kind of...

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Personal Development | Deep InnerWork

What is Deep Personal Development or INNERWORK? Since your childhood and from past experiences you formed a MATRIX, or what I like to call a Personal Template for Living. As you grew up your parents, family members, teachers, doctors and anyone in the community around...

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The Secret to Changing CORE Beliefs

Have you ever felt stuck in a sabotaging pattern? Have you inherited a family belief that stops you from feeling good about yourself? Would you like to know the secret to transforming your CORE Beliefs and positively change your life for good? Read more for this...

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