Positivity has been a life changer for me. I have used the Power of Positivity (POP) to magnetise what I desire in life, to uplift my personal vibes and transform those dumpy down times into a fascinating innerworld adventure.

I’m not very good at keeping any kind of routine.

BUT, I have noticed myself grabbing a few POP habits and making them part of my day. AND, I thought I’d share them with you in hopes of inspiring your daily routine to twist into an uplifting vibe of Positivity.

I’ve given myself a 21-Day Positivity Challenge which includes:

  • Every morning doing 10-minutes Loving Kindness Meditation.
  • Laughing-Out-Loud (LOL) when I see double digits on the clock such as 11:11am or 2:22pm.
  • Tap the 4 fingers on my right hand with my thumb while I say a mantra such as, “I am Powerful”, “I am Unlimited”, “I am Expansive”.
  • Listing, in my head, the things I’m Grateful for.

The most fun I’m having with Positivity at the moment is playing with the energy vibes to see how much Positivity is required to magnetise what I want. Last year, before my journey around Australia (see the Wyld Woman Goes Bush blog) I asked for some specific things to manifest. As I reminisce on that journey I realise how much I was in FASCINATION discovering new places and amazing people.

Manifesting with POP works.
It’s also a GREAT Personal Development and Self-Improvement tool!

In my younger years I did a fair amount of research into how well Negativity magnetises what you desire. (Not much, if anything at all).

Hence, my POP routine is building and the habits I’ve listed above are regulars every day – well, mostly. Here’s a fun picture you can download and print to inspire your day to POP! These are cards I give to my Laughter Yoga in the Workplace participants.




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