Get Jiggity with Positivity is an inspirational personal development book that will excite and motivate you to energise your life and business with dynamic positivity injections. Drawing on the latest insights from positive psychology and based on successful results, this instantly applicable book outlines the practical day-to-day changes you can make immediately for instant benefit. This upbeat and informative book reveals how to:

  • Use positive emotions to expand your thinking and doing.
  • Embed productive new habits.
  • Develop the power tools you need for a flowing work life balance.
  • Feel more engaged with increased confidence and motivation.
  • Change things that aren’t working to reach your target goal.
  • Activate positivity every day for overall health and well-being.

If you’re a business owner, head honcho of a company or part of an HR team you’ll be absolutely delighted with these helpful tips and strategies to enliven the business or organisation. In fact, this book has many ideas for everyone – for both personal and business use. Allow each positivity injection to enliven your imagination. Change them to fit your unique situation.

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This personal development ebook (PDF format) is asking you to step outside the norm and give up the notion that professionalism and productivity must be serious all the time. In fact, as you’ll see, there is much evidence to proven you’re seriously wrong.

This personal development book is based on many studies in positive psychology – the study of human flourishing.

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