Healing the Planet from Within is a personal development book that offers a method for self-examination with strategies for becoming successful in life. This powerful inner journey of personal development is guided by counselling and psychology theories, life coaching techniques and ancient spiritual beliefs.Healing the Planet from Within | Personal Development

We struggle to balance work, family and financial commitments and still live a good life. Our thoughts are stuck in a negative cycle feeling stuck, frustrated or lacking hope.This heavy energy suppresses our dreams and creativity. This vicious cycle has been created by a matrix societal constructs that controls our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

In this dynamic holistic personal development book you will discover a power deep inside of you that you can use to improve your life.

Everyone can make the conscious choice to create a peaceful and loving world. You’ll find this personal development book enlightening and intriguing as you experience new ways of seeing what we, as a team of human beings, can co-create on this planet. Purchase your PDF copy of “Healing the Planet from Within” today!

You can also purchase a HARD COPY of this personal development book from CreateSpace and Amazon by going to this page.


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