Watch the EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS video below to learn more about the WORKSHOP. It’s awesome to watch the whole way through. 🙂

What is Expanding Consciousness?

Are you feeling drawn to expand?

Do you want to step outside the box of your childhood patterns?

Is there something in the “hidden” that fascinates you?

Are you wanting to heal yourself?

Do you feel a calling to higher vibrations?

Expanding consciousness starts by wanting more happiness and satisfaction. Then you become a seeker of how to increase happiness and satisfaction. This lead you onto another path of thought awareness and emotional intelligence, and eventually seeing, knowing and working with the entire personal template of social constructs that affect your living. As you weave through all this you step into conscious choice making in the moment, and choose to flick into states of positivity and higher vibration.

In this powerful Expanding Consciousness Workshop you will experience many proven Personal Development tools and techniques to:

• Feel empowered to be your natural creative self.
• Discard patterns that are not authentically yours.
• Cultivate the right mindset to reach your goals.
• Change old patterns and free your heart.
• Nurture positive aspects of yourself.
• Magnetise good things to you.
• Own a growth mindset.
• Activate forms of positivity to uplift energetic vibrations.
• Increase happiness and satisfaction.
• Walk with your Higher Self.
• Be a conscious co-creator of your life.




Increase Positivity Vibes

Activating positivity everyday raises your consciousness to new levels… and miracles will start to appear. You’ll receive easy-to-use positivity activations that you can put in place very day to increase your Positivity ratio for improved health, well-being and expanded consciousness.


Learn Powerful Energy Exericses

You will be gifted with the knowledge of certain Energy Exercises that have been used for centuries to uplift energy and expand consciousness.


Learn How to Transform Sabotaging Patterns

You’ll learn an easy-to-use personal development technique that has been proven to be effective at changing sabotaging CORE BELIEFS.


Messages from your Higher Self

Learn to deepen your connection with your Higher Self to receive insights, clarity, knowledge and observe these occurring through magical synchronicity moments.


Life a Life You Love!

Learn how to feel energetic vibes in your body and how to transmute by activating positivity. This one POWERFUL TECHNIQUE will transform your life all on its own.


Realise Your Signature Patterns

Identify and observe the energy patterns your thoughts and beliefs are creating. Learn how to change them and shift any patterns that are holding you back from expansion.

Join the Expansion Movement!

What is Personal Development?

The purpose of personal development is to explore deeply your personal template. The exploration in itself is informational and empowering because you really get to know who you are at the CORE. With this information you have the opportunity to make changes to this personal template to rewrite your life – as you want.

A powerful personal development journey that not only benefits oneself, but creates a positive change… healing the planet from within.

What does it mean to “Live the Practice”?

When you choose to Live the Practice you dedicate all aspects of your life to InnerWork and Expanding Consciousness. With every breath you make and every step you take – you are focused on increasing Joy, Love and Peace within yourself, your life and your beigness – including the four bodies of human vibrational existence. Of course, the road to evolution and expanded consciousness is a very personal one and every person travels it differently. You simply make the conscious choice to say YES, and everything will unfold from there.

When you leave the WORKSHOP you’ll feel a heightened state of lucidity and positivity with a stronger connection to your Higher Self. You’ll take with you a tonne of TOOLS that you can use in every day life to continue to expand consciousness.

What are the benefits of attending this awesome Expanding Consciousness workshop?

Everyone travels on the expansion movement differently. You see, there are many layers of yummy goodness to shift and transform to experience uplifting energy vibrations in the physical form. The usual benefits people have shared are:

1. Increased Energy. Everyone who has a personal development experience gets an energetic boost from shifting old patterns to empowering ones.

2. Self Discovery. People are surprised to realise they have everything inside them to create what they desire. They feel uplifted and energised to follow their heart path.

3. Feeling Relieved. As sabotaging patterns reveal themselves people feel relieved. They realise they no longer have to ruminate and can delve into creative solutions and move ahead.


About the Expanding Consciousness Workshops

Where are they conducted?  The workshops are currently being promoted in MELBOURNE, SYDNEY and BRISBANE (AUSTRALIA). Please contact us if you are Event Coordinator and would like to invite this awesome energy in your area.

How many days are they?  The workshops have been designed in 2 different formats:

1. An INTENSIVE which can be included in a 5-7 DAY RETREAT where participants will delve more deeply into the material. This is ideal for people who are too busy in daily life to Reflect & Meditate on a regular basis (sometimes an hour a day), and they wish to transmute a stuck sabotaging pattern to expand consciousness.

2. A 3-DAY (short days) or 2-DAY (long days) WEEKEND WORKSHOP in which participants will be given all the techniques, practice the InnerWork techniques, and be given clear instructions on how to continue this in daily life (Living the Practice).This includes shift sabotaging patterns, activating positivity to increase energetic vibrations in the body, walking with the Higher Self. This workshop is ideal for people dedicated to Living the Practice and expanding consciousness.


Perhaps you’re eager to dive into this juicy good InnerWork and be a participant at a workshop, OR maybe you’re an Event Coordinator and would love more information about organising an Expanding Consciousness Workshop near you. Either way, or even another choice of your creating, please send us a direct email by clicking the button. We’d LOVE to hear from you!

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