Yes, positive thinking is a good thing… but if you’re not FEELING UPLIFTING POSITIVITY VIBES… well, it’s just not the same thing.

In Personal Development the idea is to become familiar with your Thoughts, Beliefs, Attitudes and Feelings. You see, you’re usually on automatic pattern with these as social constructs have formed a Personal Template for Living for you to abide by. This is just how life is – except when you want to expand consciousness.

As you realise how deeply intimate your thoughts and feelings are creating your reality you start to unplug from this Personal Template and realise you can choose what vibes you emanate into the world. They key word here is VIBES.

In the book POSITIVITY by Barbara Frederickson she discusses a myriad of scientific studies that have proven when you raise your positivity ratio higher than negativity it has AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS. Positivity has been proven in scientific research to improve your health and well-being, increase motivation and boost confidence levels, broaden the mind to new ideas and possibilities and magnetise good people to you.

It makes sense then that if you deliberately, ON PURPOSE, choose to activate positivity on a regular basis that it improves physical health and well-being. As much as your physical body needs nutrition, so too does it need positivity.

By increasing your regular diet with positivity you will enhance your immune system, lower blood pressure, lessen pain, have improved sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and diminish headaches and migraines. Instead of your body remaining in a place of stress, constantly struggling to survive, regular positivity will allow the body to relax and heal naturally.

I’ve been ACTIVATING the 10 forms of Positivity regularly for a few years: Love, Peace & Serenity, Hope, Gratitude, Joy, Amusement, Inspiration, Pride, Fascination and Awe. AND, I’ve discovered another form of Positivity: WONDERMENT. I’m sure I’ll discuss this in an upcoming blog. So, now that makes 11 Forms of Positivity to uplift your day.

Below is a LECTURE ON POSITIVITY I created a couple of years ago. Resources and references are at the end of the lecture if you wish to research the topic further.

You can also Download the PDF on the Benefits of Cultivating Positivity


If you’re still curious visit www.PositivityforBetterLiving.comĀ 


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