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Still curious about Personal Development?

Here’s a link to my blog that answers the question: What is Personal Development?

VIDEOS! Videos are a great way to get more in-depth knowledge about a topic. Each video is made differently than the other because there are so many people in the world and everyone learns differently. Watch whatever video you are drawn to, or watch them all.


This video is an easy explainer video that introduces the idea that each one of us has a PERSONAL TEMPLATE that dictates our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. AND, that, once you’re aware it exists… you can change it with Personal Development Techniques.



I love this video! I think you should watch it just for fun and amazement.



I’m going to ask you to keep your mind wide open now and we explore this next video, which is a meditation, on Healing the Planet. It’ll only take 8 minutes of your day. And if you like it, please share it. 🙂 This is how I envision PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT can change the world.


What Are Core Beliefs? 

Here’s another informational video, but this one is in lecture format.


These whiteboard videos are excellent for getting the gist of things.

How to ACTIVATE the Different Forms of POSITIVITY

Scientific studies have proven that a higher positivity ratio over a negativity ratio increases health and well-being. The good thing about this is that you can ON PURPOSE activate positivity daily!

There are more videos on my youtube channel including lectures on Stress Management, Time Management, Self Worth and Identifying Values.

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