I’ve created this ridiculously fun daily challenge for myself and I’d like you to join me. Every time you see DOUBLE DIGITS either on the clock, computer, car radio, etc… you LAUGH OUT LOUD (LOL).

This awesome personal development tool has been part of my Lucidity practice for a few weeks now and I’m loving it. I love it because it catches me in moments of intellectual work. I’m busily writing a book or a blog and then look at the time and WAMOO! Double digits and I Laugh Out Loud – which uplifts my energies and reminds me to remain in positivity even when the old familiar patterns tempt me.

Once I was at the grocery store and the total came to $7.77. YES. I did. I laughed out loud at the grocery store. And the checkout person looked at me enquiringly and I pointed to the total and said, “That’s so funny. $7.77”. They grinned at my response and then life continued as normal, albeit with a uplifting positivity vibe.

Another time I was at my daughter’s house and we’re having a conversation. I look at the clock and see double digits, and LOL. Now the conversation wasn’t particularly funny – it was rather usual about the happenings of life. Luckily, I had told my daughter about my new habit so I just got a funny look. I pointed at the clock while laughing in attempt to remind her of my new habit. Yet, still the funny look.

Sometimes I’m so in-depth with whatever I’m doing (zombie mode) that when the Double Digits come up I get frustrated to Laugh Out Loud – to break the focus. BUT, when I do I’m amazed at how this one little Personal Development Tool has the ability to instantly ZAP me into a higher vibrational state. WOW. I had no idea how the zombie state could be so debilitating.

An enlightening personal development tool whisked in positivity….. I highly recommend taking on as part of your daily routine.

Amazingly fun.

OH! Hence, the book pricing is in DOUBLE DIGITS. It’s just part of my life now.


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