I know personally how stress and anxiety can stop you from feeling satisfied in life. You’re constantly in this turmoil of wondering how to feel better, how to relax and wonder why on earth do these cycles of chaos keep continuing?? Yes, I know.

Overcoming stress and anxiety with meditation is one of the most valuable personal development techniques I’ve learned as a SEEKER. I believe that if everyone around the world would meditate every day – well, the world would be a different place! Meditation has the ability to stop negativity in its tracks and inject your life with positivity. And, if you’ve been reading my blogs, you’d know I’m a big fan of POSITIVITY because of all the health and well-being benefits it offers. I mean WOW, right?! Just by activating positivity daily.

And you can start with meditation.

I feel meditation is an important tool you need to add to your personal development toolbox! Once you know how to meditate you can really work magic in your life –

  • and you have the skill forever! ….
  • and it’s free…..
  • and doesn’t take any room in your luggage or backpack…..
  • and you can do it anywhere.
  • All over the advantages of meditation are extensive.

So, why is meditation a stress and anxiety cure?

Well, STRESS STARTS IN YOUR MIND. Your mind races with thoughts of the past or the future with fear, anxiety, distress, worry, unease, foreboding, sadness… and it keep ruminating and ruminating. It’s almost as if there’s an unseen demon standing next to you feeding you negative thoughts over and over again so you generate negative emotional vibes.  It’s very difficult to stop these thoughts once they start. And you feel totally out of control with it too.

What does meditation do?

Meditation starts by watching your breath and becoming aware of your thoughts. So, you’re just sitting there observing. And the more you observe the more you become aware of the thought habits you have. Once you’re aware of your usual thought habits/patterns you can STOP THEM in their tracks before they get to the ruminating stage – and stress you out.

At first it’s a bit tricky catching NEGATIVE THINKING, but with a bit of practice you’ll be in charge of what thoughts move through your mind. If a thought is causing stress or anxiety you can change it – just like switching on a light bulb. It’s an exhilarating experience – especially the first few times when you get that moment of AHA – WOW! I CAN DO THIS! AND IT FEELS SO GREAT!

My first time stopping stress and anxiety with meditation

I remember the first time I realised that I was in full control of my down times. I actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD in my living room during what I used to call a CRASH TIME. I used to go into these dark caving times during which I would go through the cycle of POOR ME, PITY ME and be fully engulfed in stress, anxiety, fear and martyrhood. These times felt horrible, but I had trained myself to move through them and to expect a rainbow (something good) on the other side. (Another handy tip: IF you do get into these times – remind yourself that this too will end. And look for the rainbow!)

So, there I was LAUGHING OUT LOUD during a crash time – completely surprising myself!! And the tension immediately softened and cleared enough so that I could discern what this particular crash time was about. I reflected and observed the thoughts in my mind, AND I injected gratitude in to the moment. You can see how meditation is a stress and anxiety cure, eh?

IMPORTANT NOTE: you create your world with your own expectations and can influence your present moment by how you react to the thoughts in your mind. The first step is to become aware of the thoughts when they start though.

Your turn to overcome stress and anxiety with meditation

HOW TO START Get comfortable either sitting or lying down. And bring your awareness to your physical body. Which muscles feel tension?? Where do you feel soreness? Bring your attention to the tension and soreness. Watch them with your mind for awhile.

During stress and anxiety our bodies go through a variety of nasty symptoms such as stomach disorders, difficulty digestion, jaw clenching, tight abdomen, tight shoulder muscles, headaches, migraines, and so on. When you feel a symptom coming this is an indication that your thoughts are having a negative pattern.

THEN, start watching your thoughts and see what negativity is there. Are you worried about the future? Are you feeling guilt or anger about the past? When you’re first starting it helps to keep a thought journal whereby you jot down all your thoughts for 5-10 minutes. After about seven days of keeping a thought journal you’ll recognise the negative thoughts when they come up more quickly.

Okay, so now you’re watching your physical body for tension and soreness. THEN, you’re observing your thoughts. WHEN YOU CATCH A NEGATIVE THOUGHT – SAY STOP – in your mind to yourself. I sometimes even YELL STOP in my mind. No one else can hear it anyways, and it helps to get stern.

The negative thoughts STOP……. Now what?

Remember that you’re doing this personal development technique to overcome stress and anxiety. You’re in your quiet, peaceful meditation state. You’re sitting or lying down comfortably and teaching yourself a new habit. Exciting, isn’t it?! (By the way, if you need support with this – I offer coaching online via Skype or WhatsApp – just give me a message and we’ll get started!). The negative thoughts have stopped… buuuuuttt…. they’ll sneak right back in!!

The negative thoughts are quite sneaky you see. WHY? Well, because they’re habitual and familiar. They’ve run in your head for quiet a few years as an unconscious habit. So, YES they’ll STOP when you tell them to – BUT, they’ll start right back up again if you’re not looking! Sneaky little guys they are!!

The trick is to replace the negative thought with a positive one. AND you absolutely MUST ACTIVATE POSITIVITY!!  WHY?

You need to Activate Positivity

The negative thoughts leave a negative energetic vibration in your entire being. They do that. Hence, why you feel awful from them. That’s why you need to add positive thoughts AND A POSITIVE ENERGETIC VIBRATION in order to successfully cure yourself of stress and anxiety.

Positive thoughts are a bit airy fairy if you ask me. Many people say THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS but they’re missing something absolutely vital! The POSITIVE ENERGY!

YOU MUST FEEEEEEL the uplifting positive feelings and emotions inside your entire being!!!! Hence, why I use the term ACTIVITY POSITIVITY, rather than “think positive”.

Ew. I know too many people who think positive, but wreak havoc with their passive aggressive toxic energy. Stay away from that shit, ok?


How do you do that? Well, all those amazing energies are you in your heart centre. All you have to do in your meditation is bring your attention to your heart. If you need to open up the doors you can also think of someone or something you LOVE, and think of a time when you feel the most JOY, and bring to mind a time when you were feeling very peaceful. Then HOLD THAT FEELING IN YOUR HEART CENTRE for a few minutes.

And THEN, imagine is spreading throughout your entire physical body….. FEEL it, okay? And hold that visualisation for a few minutes.

DONE! You’ve successfully overcome stress and anxiety in this moment. Be vigilant though! For at least 21 days be very very vigilant and don’t let those stress and anxiety take charge again… for 21 days. After 21 days you’ve successfully programmed your Personal Template with new habits and you’ll find that the stress and anxiety you used to feel have dissipated. Perhaps entire.

Now, the process of overcoming stress and anxiety with meditation is quite lengthy the first time you try it – but once you get the hang of it you can do it while standing in a bank line! I certainly do!

It’s brilliant!

Reduce stress. Reduce anxiety. Or overcome stress AND anxiety with meditation!

And again, I’m here if you need me… at any time get in contact.

Namaste dear friend!


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