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Learn Reiki and Change Your Life

I’ve been teaching Reiki for over 10 years and I’m pretty keen to share this powerful method for expanding consciousness with anyone who is interested in learning. If you want to gain an in-depth system for spiritual development please get in contact with me and we’ll get started.

Everyone has different needs and focus in life. Purchase this session and then choose whether you prefer to focus on your own HEALING or if you’d like to receive a REIKI EMPOWERMENT and be attuned to the Universal Energies. Both are very similar in energy vibes – but the focus is tuned to your needs.

  1. HEALING SESSION: We focus on healing an aspect of your physical, emotional or spiritual being. We call on the Universal energies to focus on HEALING YOU.
  2. EMPOWERMENT SESSION: You can choose to use this session to be attuned to the POWERS OF REIKI. This means that your energy channels will be opened up so the Universal Energies will flow through you with Ease, Joy and Glory. With the Empowerment Session you will receive a REIKI CERTIFICATE.


MIKAO USUI – The Founder

Usui Sensei developed his own methods through his studies of spiritual practices of Kiko, Tendai Buddhism, Shinto and Zen meditation as well as other major religions of the world.  Usui Sensei also travelled and studied in China, America and Europe.  He was devoted to and consumed by his goal of seeking enlightenment and discovering his life’s purpose. He was involved with groups known for their clairvoyant and psychic development, healing and spiritual purification. The results of these studies and lineage are available in these training sessions.

I pass onto you the Eastern and Western knowledge of the system many people refer to as “Reiki”.   Included in these workshops are the energy exercises, sacred sounds and symbols for focus, the enlightenment experience of Reiju (otherwise known as attunement) as well as my own personal experiences and practices with the universal life force which connects us all.

Usui Sensei did not refer to himself as “Master” but instead “Sensei” (teacher) and therefore I too call myself a Reiki Teacher or Trainer.  The 3 levels of Reiki that I pass on end in what is sometimes referred to as ‘Master level’, but I refer to it as Shinpiden or Teacher level.

I prefer to conduct One-On-One Reiki Sessions and Training to focus more intently on your individual needs.

Reiki is one of my passions because, through it, I have gained expanded access to a myriad of Universal energies. Through this I have experienced deep healing and intuitive abilities. My love for Reiki is based on the energetic connections through to source.


Sessions are 1 hour + 15 minutes (first session) for an introduction and discussion and then delving into the exploration of the energies. You can choose your focus on: 1. HEALING FOR SELF or 2. EMPOWERMENT FOR SELF.

In the email you will receive links to download the following PDFs.

  • Welcome Sheet
  • Reiki Level 1 Usui MANUAL
  • Conscious Creation WORKSHEET


What Happens in a Reiki Training Session?

Step into the realm of ancient powers as you build yourself with intensity and strength as you learn and practice Reiki Energy Exercises and Traditional Techniques designed to increase and focus your healing life force.

These powerful Energy Exercises greatly increases your vital life force and your ability to work with these higher vibrations.  Usui Sensei, through his study of Kiko (Japanese Chi Gung) passed on this knowledge to his students as a system of spiritual development and focus towards enlightenment. Many Western versions of Reiki lack the teachings of generating, storing and using the power of intention to use the Universal Energy. These teachings can be seen in Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga and many martial art styles.

The Reiki workshops I teach include these valuable energy exercises to help you create a deeper connection to source and return health to your body. After all, our bodies are designed to maintain health, harmony and happiness.  Our body works constantly to rebuild, revitalise, balance and relax regardless of what we subject it to.  The healing life force of our bodies can increase in strength and intensity by following certain practices that have been used since ancient times.  Ancient Indian meditation methods travelled to China and Japan as thirst for knowledge of Qi energy increased.

As Reiki (Universal energy) moves through the body it releases stagnant or stuck energies and creates flow for transformations of a deep karmic level to occur. This is similar to shamanic healing. This Universal Ray gives our body, mind and spirit everything it needs to heal. It activates healing on a deeper level which has lasting benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a session? Please use the CONTACT FORM to BOOK YOUR Personal Development Package or Individual Session. This way I can clarify any queries you might have and ensure availability for a flowing process.

Please read the Coaching Agreement and Privacy Policy before you make your booking. When you make your booking you have stated that you agree and understand the Coaching Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Who can book a session?

Personal Development Coaching is for women in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom or USA.

Sessions are for women only but men are considered if referred by a previous client.

How much do the Reiki Sessions cost?

Individual Reiki sessions are $65 for one hour. Prices are in Australian Currency AUS

How do you conduct the sessions?

Sessions are conducted via Phone, Skype or in person (if you are on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia).

What are your office hours?

Office Hours are Tuesday-Thursday 9am-5pm AEST. We may check emails during other days. Session times are flexible according to your timezone and my availability.

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