When you’re first start to explore your inner world and expanding consciousness you’ll find that you’ve got some shadow work to do. What is shadow work? Well, it’s going deep into unconscious habits.

Let’s check those sabotaging habits

Throughout your childhood and past experiences you were given a Personal Template for Living that contains beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The people around you – your parents, siblings, family members, teachers, doctors and so on – taught you how to live within the social constructs of their reality. This might contain social norms such as religious and cultural beliefs and practices, and basic life skills such as how to respond to things like traffic jams, being fired form a job or trying to achieve success in business.

Throughout all these experiences and trying to learn this Personal Template you run across difficult and unkind situations that are emotionally upsetting.

These you may have been taught to suppress. And sometimes these have been suppressed for generations throughout your family line. Sometimes it’s easier to get on with life than face these difficult situations.

Have you got an issue in your family that no one talks about? YUP, that is what I’m talking about.

These suppressed emotional issues causes stagnant energy, blockages and can sometimes manifest into a larger energetic issue – which can feel so big, like it’s a demon. An inner demon that has travelled throughout lifetimes to haunt you. Well, I say it’s a DEMON – but it’s just bulked up suppressed emotions.

I find the imagery of a demon easier to destroy, transform and get rid of than if you just call it suppressed emotions.

Maybe it’s different for you though, so call it what you want. 😉

Shadow Work is looking at your inner demon

I’ve faced a narcissistic family pattern up my Father’s line that was generated through my Grandfather’s line.

It was a pattern that haunted me for 48 years of my life until I was made fully aware of its existence and could do something about it. Because I have a tonne of personal development tools up my sleeve I found it a fascinating experience.

I use trance state meditations to see beyond the veil. In that state I gathered all the elements, threads and essence of that pattern. It came to form in front of me as an ugly black wolf. As an image my mind could understand it was easier to deal with.

I work with my spirit guides, for lack of a better word. The way I can describe this working is to say that it’s similar to an ecological system where all things rely on and work together.

Shadow work is not an easy feat. This is because the patterns are so familiar and habitual that you can’t see the truth. It’s like having a foggy mind and driving a car.

It helps to have someone with you who can illuminate the situation so you can see it better. Then it’s easier to transform.

You’d be surprised how life changes after shifting a sabotaging patterns. You’re re-writing the matrix of your being. You become new!

I offer private sessions for shadow work. Please contact me for more information.

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