One of the first self-care habits you MUST do for dealing with stress is to get in the habit of noticing. Download this Free Personal Development Worksheet to guide you through the steps in becoming more aware of your stress with a stress diary.

We’ve never had so much stress in our lives than in society today. Research has proven that chronic stress is detrimental to our overall health and well-being, while a balanced level of stress is supposedly a great motivator.

I’m not a big fan of stress because it tends to come at you from many angles – with sudden life changes, a death in the family, having to move, losing a job or just simply trying to keep up with the bills, get the kids to school, and so on. Stress is just not fun.

Stress occurs for a variety of reasons but the affects vary according to how your respond to situations. Once you become more aware of your stressors and personal stress levels you can start to put into place strategies for optimal stress levels for successful living. This free personal development worksheet of a Stress Diary is an excellent Personal Development Tool for stress management.

Stress management is of utmost importance for health and well-being. I love to dive into the different forms of POSITIVITY to maintain an overall balanced level of positive vibes. This makes me more resilient to stressful situations and change. I tend to FLOW with most things due to this. Most people don’t know this yet, but you can ON PURPOSE Activate Positivity (there are 11 different forms) to keep an uplifting vibe going. It’s easy to do and you can learn more about this with this free personal development worksheet on positivity here OR you can purchase my POSITIVITY ONLINE LIFE COACHING FOR WOMEN PACKAGE here. I take you through some solid Personal Development Tools to empower you. Take a look at it anyways. 🙂

But for now, take some time to get more knowledge about your personal stress habits with a stress diary.  Make an inventory of all the things that don’t feel right in your life, that upset or bother you, that make you feel frustrated and stressed. Use this knowledge for stress management.

Download the free personal development worksheet on Stress Diary by clicking here.

For more free personal development worksheets simply browse through my website. 🙂



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