Thought awareness, thinking rationally about life situations, and positive thinking are three powerful tools that will help you live a life you love and reach your dreams and goals.

Download your free personal development worksheet on Thought Awareness in the link below.

These tools will help eliminate harmful thought patterns which damage your self-confidence and self-esteem, decrease your energy levels, diminish your natural motivation and sabotage your success.

Negative thinking is damaging to yourself and can cause stress or tension headaches, make you feel ill in the stomach, bring on an anxiety attack, or stop you from speaking your truth, and so on.

Negative thoughts have been found to criticise your actions, put yourself or others down, expect failure, doubt your abilities, fear success, hinder your motivation, increase worries about the past or the future, and so on.

Negative thoughts can stop you from reaching your goals, and living a life you love!

Thought are similar to a broken record and often play without our awareness repeatedly in our minds. These thought patterns come from our childhood or past experiences.  They affect the way you think, feel and behave.

In order to effectively change negative thinking you first have to become aware of your thoughts. You can’t really change what you don’t know.  So, get active with THOUGHT AWARENESS and tune into your ‘thought’ (radio) station and listen.  Observe the negative thoughts and change the station to a more positive one.

Download the FREE Personal Development Worksheet on Thought Awareness here.



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