You are NOT your patterns. What do I mean by this?

Well, you see, since you were born you were given rules to live by. You know, those things your parents told you when you were young. “Don’t do this.” “You’re not good enough.” “Be a good girl.”

And then there are the patterns your teachers, doctors and other family members passed on to you – simply through communication whether that be verbal or non-verbal. Television, radio, magazines, social media… all these have an impact on your patterns too.

So, as you were growing up you gathered all these social norms and put them in a box I like to call your “Personal Template”. Here is your box is all your patterns of belief, thoughts, attitudes, feelings and emotions. When a situation occurs you automatically refer to the Personal Template (without even thinking about it) and react accordingly.

It’s quite a handy little system…. to begin with.

If you, like me, have started to question these habitual sabotaging patterns you make the decision that you want to change them.


Well, because these patterns are NOT you. They are just patterns of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, attitudes and emotions. PATTERNS. Nothing more.

You are a multi-dimensional being living inside these patterns. Once you wake-up to that fact you can make the conscious choice to go deep within yourself and reflect on the patterns.

When you change the patterns, whether that be a simple thought pattern or a deeper CORE belief – it changes how you feel inside and how you react to a situation.

The interesting part is this work actually begins with your patterns. It’s the common sense choice. You feel miserable, uncomfortable or are struggling with one part of your life or personality – then that’s where you begin. It’s like the universe is pointing – start here! Start here!

It’s the way I and many more people became a seeker. Out of the discomfort you seek a better way.

Hence, you are not your patterns or thoughts or habits and behaviors. You can grow them, change them and even steer them to create a life you desire

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